Congratulations Philadelphia Eagles won the 52nd Super Bowl!

Time February 5, 2018, Minneapolis staged the final game of the 2017-18 season, the Super Bowl World War II top seed Philadelphia Eagles defending champion New England Patriots, the Eagles broke the starting quarterback Carson – Wen However, Nick Fowles, who is a bit awkward in the NFL finals, is suspensefully reborn.

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Opening eagle first attack, find the first two files to attack the slot Agro get the first attack. Third gear 12 yards Must For the conversion, the option to attack inside the pocket to find Torre – Smith again to get the first attack, afterwards Falls to Zach – Ötz and Aga get the first attack into the 30 yards Line, second gear 4 yards Falls reverse gear to Clement to advance to the end of the area almost to get touchdowns, the first three yards front eagle attack group false start was fined 5 yards, third gear Falls Trying to find Jeffrey in the end zone, but the Patriots’ second-tier attention was so focused that the Eagles came home without any success, with Elliott free kick leading the Eagles at 3-0.

Patriots offensive, the Eagles defensive group up showed aggressive, the first attack will Kux stopped, the second gear 12 yards – James White hit the outer one-on-one to get the first attack. A file of 5 yards Brady leave to hand over to Chris Hogan, Hogan did not encounter any pressure to advance 20 yards, then use a similar tactical find Grondowski get the first attack, Brady in his pocket Almost no pressure encountered. Former 15 yards, a Brackley forward James – White got 6 yards, second gear without any advance, third gear 4 yards Brady tried to find the end area Gelongkosiji, which was three packs The clip did not catch the ball, Gustowskowski kick into the free kick, the score 3: 3.

Eagles attack, a file 10 yards Agroguo catch to get 8 yards, second gear 2 yards Patriots used to show the ability of Brown heavy truck, unreasonably rushed to get a full 20 yards, a file of 10 yards Nick – Falls directly challenge the end area, Jeffrey in the end zone one-on-one wonderful confrontation the ball scored, the attack took just over forty seconds the Eagles took the touchdowns! But Elliott accidentally failed to score extra 9: 3.

Patriots offensive, Dwyane – Lewis strong rushed to eagles defensive team missed the catch to get 8 yards, after Ge Longkosiji advance start penalty 5 yards, second gear 7 yards Brady long pass, third gear 7 Code Brady once again long pass, the back field Amandola ran a far-reaching route to win the catch scored 30 yards line, Chris Hogan take the False True again to get the first attack, the Patriots continuous rapid array James – White washed the ball to get 2 yards away, third gear 1 yards After Cuxingqun wanted to use the hurdles over the eagle defensive player, was intercepted by a MacLeod, the patriots did not help when shooting the ball grid Stekowski kicks the post on the free kick … eagles pro bowl jersey

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Eagles start 20 yards from the side, second gear 8 yards Fowles encountered a strong pressure the ball came out of the sidelines, third gear conversion Falls from multiple tackle, but Zach – Ötz in the confrontation Catching failed to get the ball, the Eagles beat the Patriots half 35 yard line. Patriots attack, Kux around the left to receive the ball to the first attack, but by Malcolm – Jenkins hit the blind side of the collision hit seven dirty eight elements, the next block of 10 yards Brady The ball was shot off, the second gear Dion – Lewis rushed to get 5 yards, third gear 5 yards Patriots play tricks, Brady to running Wei back Wei Amandola, Armando do pass Hands want to pass to the outside of the Brady dismantled, but Brady did not catch, fourth gear 5 yards once again strangely choose to play a strong fight, pass to Gronkoski failed to start the eagle in place.

Eagles attack, Agui get rid of grapple to get 3 yards, three yards and seven yards to find a sudden turn to the inside of Zach – Ötz to complete the conversion. Under the pressure of a file pass high under pressure, second gear 10-year-old Voyager Rainbow to find Jeffery, Geoffrey text-based catch to get the first attack. Twenty yards before the end zone, Brown attacked the front line by the Eagles perfect open, turn to the end area to get touchdowns! The Eagles jersey cheap choose to convert two points, but Jeff failed to catch the ball failed, the Eagles 15: 3 lead.

Patriots offensive, Brady consecutive fake handover, Burke Hyde pick up the pick and roll to get rid of two tackles run to get close to 40 yards, but after two consecutive attacks Brady have encountered tremendous pressure, the Eagles defensive group Also see through the patriots’ intentions, the Patriots shot a goal, 15: 6.

Eagles twenty-five yards start, once again move back five yards, a file 15 yards Clement will run a yards, second gear 14 yards Steelers catch a tackle to get 10 yards, Third gear 4 yards aga get rid of get 26 yards long yards to promote. A file of 10 yards Pass pass trying to find Jeffrey, but the ball did not pick up on the body bounce two times by the Patriots cornerback in the front cut! There was a huge accident on the court, the Patriots got a glimpse of breathing. Patriots offensive, second gear 6 yards Gelon failed to catch the ball, third gear conversion, Brady pass, cornerback confrontation pull people get the first attack. A file of 10 yards, Dion – Lewis to kill the blood to get 5 yards, second gear 5 yards or Dion – Lewis used the front cover to get the first attack. A file of 10 yards Brady find Gelon failed again, second gear Brady long pass Chris – Hogan get 43 yards! A file of 10 yards James – White got rid of two tackles directly into the end area to get touchdowns! However, “grid God” additional points kick full partial, the score 15:12.

Eagles attack, a file 10 yards Zach – Ots pick up the ball to get the line ran 7 yards, second gear 3 yards Torre – Smith failed to control after the catch, third gear 3 yards Falls Short grams Lymente, Clement continuous escape from the two tackles, irresistibly rushed to the front 8-yard line, a full 55 yards! Clement once again outcrop 6 yards, second gear Clement only got one yards, third gear Gilmore guard against Jefferson stopped the Eagles touchdowns, but the Eagles radical Strong fight fourth gear, the Eagles very exciting cheating attack, False pretend to move forward layout tactics but got to the line, the center tee off to run guard, left external take Trevor – Burton ran to the line from Running Wei get the ball passed to the quarterback Nick – Falls! ! ! Quarterback in the terminal area touchdown touchdowns! Additional points scored 22:12.

Patriots attack the last 30 seconds of the first half, Brady long-range find Dorset get the first attack. A file of 10 yards Brady ran out of pocket by the Eagles defense team under the second gear hit the ball stop table, third gear 4 yards Brady to the outside Amandora tried to find some defensive loopholes, but the eagle defensive group responded very fast grapple stop Armando, first half end 22:12.

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Patriots back first half to attack the second half, second gear 10 yards Brady finally found the first attack Gelonkosiji, after a Brady once again find Ge Long promotion only thirty yards line. Second gear 7 yards Brady came out of the sidelines, third gear 7 yards Ge Long once again God received a pass to get the new first attack. A score James – White got rid of a tackle to get two yards forward, second gear Brady once again find Gelon, Gelong ask the ball in the terminal area touchdown! Additional points scored 22:19. Eagles attack, a file 10 yards Blount advance 4 yards, second gear Falls to find Aglio did not succeed, third gear 6 yards pass to Agro slot slot turned to get the first attack. A block of 10 yards, Brown pushed to 5 yards, second gear 5 yards or Bronte by attacking the front line cover breakthrough to get the first attack. A file of 10 yards False false delivery did not pass good, second gear Agae exquisitely get rid of the flexibility to drill out of 9 yards, third gear 1 yards False leave to find the right cross Zach – Ott get the first attack Into the thirty yard line. Second gear 6 yards Pass failed to find the target, third gear Falls once again choose a far route, a very small space to find the end of the Clement to get touchdowns! Additional points scored 29:19.

Patriots offensive, second gear 9 yards Eagle defensive foul sent to the Patriots first attack, followed by second gear 9 yards Brady leave to find midfielder Chris Hogan get the first attack, a file of 10 yards Dion – Lewis ran out of 3 yards, second gear 7 yards Lewis rushed run again to get 5 yards, third gear 2 yards Brady long yards to find Armando easily get the first attack into the 30 yard line. A file of 10 yards Brady directly challenge the end of the area, Chris Hogan gap around too large to get touchdowns! Additional points scored 29:26, Patriots continue to narrow the score.

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Eagles attack, Fowls up to choose to pass to Agroguo get the first attack, after a Fowles Fake Cross-handed Farewell Torre – Smith got the first attack into the Patriots half thirty-five Code line. Second gear 8 yards, Aguero played the role of running guard from the right to find the gap homeopathy to get the first attack. A file of 10 yards False Challenge End unsuccessful, second-rate Falls quickly to the sidelines Smith pulled to the outside to get 7 yards, third gear 3 yards False tried to give the outside of agal but no any advance , Fourth gear choose to shoot steadily, 32:26. Patriots attack, a file ran out of Burke 5 yards, second gear, Burke head to get the first attack. After the second gear 6 yards Brady to the outside of Chris – Hogan get 3 yards, third gear Brady find the right side of Armandola get the first attack. A file of 10 yards Brady find Armandora and get 25 yards to advance, after Armando again got 9 yards into the front 10 yards line, second gear 1 yards – James White hit the first attack. Pass failed a pass, second gear Brady find Gronkoski get touchdowns! Additional points scored 32:33 Patriots go-ahead!

Eagles attack, Agaete run to get 4 yards, second gear 6 yards under pressure to choose long pass failed, third-found Falls small window to find Zuckeritz conversion success. After a file Browns hard out of two yards, second gear 8 yards really ran to Clements pass the first offensive only 1 yards, third gear Patriots gave great pressure to rush shots Ray Smith did not get The first attack, fourth gear resolutely hit, Zach – Ott caught the passing completed the conversion! Eagle every surviving! Second gear 9 yards, Falls to find the defensive again after Aguero got the first attack, a file of 10 yards Falls once again face the pressure to find Aguero directly pushed to twenty-five yard line. A file of 10 yards, Faws fast shot to the outside of Agro get the first attack, second gear 7 yards False under pressure failed to pass, third gear 7 yards Zach – Urz domineering catch fly into the end zone Take the touchdowns!

Eagles choose two-point conversion, Falls pass to Clement failed, 38:33, left the Patriots the last 2 minutes and 21 seconds to grasp their own destiny. A file of 10 yards to find Gelon get 9 yards stop watch, second gear 2 yards eagle defensive team to create Tom – Brady dropped the ball! ! The game has never given enough pressure to Brady Chong Chong suddenly give pressure! Graham made Brady dropped the ball! Barnett grabbed the ball!

Eagles from the Patriots 30 yards halftime start, second gear 7 yards Blount rushed to hold the ball tightly, third gear 5 yards Patriots will run the ball defense, fourth gear eagles choose to shoot, 46 yards Jack – Elliott Shoot hit! 41:33, leaving the Patriots last minute and a half trying to drag the game overtime. Patriot 10 yards from the start, a pass failed, followed by two consecutive long pass also failed, the last chance of fourth gear, Gelon get the first attack ran out of the edge, then do one’s best midfielder attack. 13 seconds left in the game, a pass almost failed to copy the text, 9 second second Brady challenge End inconclusive, the end of the game! Philadelphia Eagles won the Super Bowl champion!

Eagles wide receiver Alshon Jeffery scored in the red zone on a 15-yard reception.

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On Wednesday, head coach Doug Pederson praised the unselfishness Alshon Jeffery showed all season long in Philadelphia Eagles. His numbers aren’t as gaudy as they were in prior years but his nine receiving touchdowns this season were a team high. On Sunday, Jeffery faces the team he’s had the most success against in his entire career. When he was asked about that success, Jeffery’s response was fully in line with Pederson’s acclaim.

Jeffery caught an early 32-yard touchdown strike from Wentz along the right sideline to give the Eagles the early 7-3 lead. Later, the two connected again, this time in the red zone for a four-yard touchdown that extended Philadelphia’s lead to a whopping 44-9 to end the third quarter.

On third-and-10, Foles danced around in the pocked and unleashed a 53-yard touchdown pass to a wide open Alshon Jeffery to put the Eagles up 21-7. Jeffery found the end zone yet again 50 seconds into the final quarter of the game. Foles’ 5-yard pass to Jeffery gave the Eagles the final score of the game.

There will be substantial interest in Jeffery’s services beginning March 9, and the Bears’ reluctance to engage in any recent meaningful contract talks puts them at a disadvantage. Jeffery wants to play for a contender and will strongly explore all options. Wide receiver Alshon Jeffery and cornerback Ronald Darby are expected to play, head coach Doug Pederson said on Tuesday. Jeffery was held out by the coaches last week against Green Bay, while Darby was acquired by the team on Friday.

The issue in the years since has been availability. Jeffery has missed 11 games over the last two seasons — seven due to injury and philadelphia eagles jersey sale four for violating the NFL policy on performance-enhancing substances. His production has taken a hit as a result, particularly when it comes to finding the end zone, as he scored six touchdowns in ’15 and ’16 combined.

“I think the big thing tonight is we were able to do a bunch of different stuff,” Foles said. “If you watch the game, we tried to keep them out of rhythm because that defense does a really good job if they can catch your rhythm. They were almost unstoppable but we were able to keep them off balance and any time you go against any sort of defense you want to keep them off balance so I think we did a great job of that. The coaches did an amazing job giving us the scheme this week and the guys did a great job executing.”

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The third quarter was stagnant until the Eagles’ offense took over with just under six minutes to go. Foles connected with Jeffery three times during the drive which all resulted in first downs. Elliott drained a 37-yard field goal and the Eagles reclaimed the lead at 12-10.

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Nike Eagles #17 Alshon Jeffery White Youth Stitched NFL Vapor Untouchable Limited Jersey

Yes, the NFC Championship is “an exciting time” but Jeffery intends to stay in the moment and treat this game just like he would any other. Recent history suggests Jeffery is a risky pick who could end up frustrating fantasy players by being in and out of the lineup. If you’re willing to roll the dice, though, the upside is big. “Of course we all know that we’re one game away from the Super Bowl but you’ve just got to relax and you can’t go out there and just think about that in the game,” he said. “You’ve got to just go play and be relaxed and stick to the things that got you here.”

Foles was able to find Jeffery for a 15-yard gain with a second left to bring the Eagles to the Atlanta 35. Elliott smashed home a 53-yarder as time expired to narrow the lead to 10-9 at halftime. The field goal was the longest in Eagles postseason history.

A change of scenery this offseason brings renewed optimism, but also some uncertainty for Jeffery. Paired with quarterback Carson Wentz, the expectation is that Jeffery is in capable hands. As we saw at times during offseason training and briefly in preseason action, this tandem has a chance to make some noise. There’s also a learning curve involved. Jeffery noted recently that his comfort level with Cutler was developed “over years.” It could take some time before he and Wentz are fully on the same page. Jeffery’s ability to catch just about anything thrown in his zip code, though, eliminates the need for perfection.

Nick Foles has thrown for 336 yards and two touchdowns to pace the Eagles offense.

The Eagles clinched a first-round bye in the playoffs with the come-from-behind victory on the road. Nick Foles’ performance left Wentz and Eagles fans alike with reason to be excited.

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When the Eagles trailed 20-7 midway through the second quarter, Foles prioritized staying composed while running the offense. Foles got a kick out of the story when Sudfeld relayed it to him at the lockers a while later. He knows how crazy all of this is. He knows he wasn’t supposed to be here — that but for Carson Wentz tearing his ACL in a Week 14 game in Los Angeles, Foles would have spent this game with an earpiece in, watching from the sideline as Wentz went 26-for-33 for 352 yards and three touchdown passes.

With just one quarter remaining, the Eagles lead the Vikings 31-7. Philadelphia has outscored Minnesota 31-0 since the game’s opening drive. Nick Foles has thrown for 336 yards and two touchdowns to pace the Eagles offense.

Foles followed a four-touchdown outing against the New York Giants with a down night against Oakland, going 19-of-38 for 163 yards with a touchdown and an interception. Reviewing the film, Foles noticed he got “a little out of whack at times” fundamentally, sailing several throws. Foles is focused on fixing that this week.

By that point, quarterback Carson Wentz had already made his way to the visitor’s locker room leaving the offense in Foles’ hands. Despite the daunting task, Foles quarterbacked the Eagles to a crucial 11th win over his former team and the Eagles were crowned NFC East champs for the first time in four years.

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Quarterback Nick Foles ended 2017 with his third start of the regular season. He only saw action in the first quarter before being replaced by quarterback Nate Sudfeld, who made his NFL debut on the opening drive of the second quarter.

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Nike Eagles #9 Nick Foles Midnight Green Team Color Men’s Stitched NFL Vapor Untouchable Limited Jersey

In a video for a spiritual series on YouVersion in September, Foles made a revelation. “After my time with a certain NFL team,” he said, “I wanted to retire. This was a year ago. I wanted to retire from the NFL,  Philadelphia Eagles jersey cheap and I really struggled. Watching Foles over his career, I wanted to see throws that translate to concepts that are run in this offense. We’ve seen the scheme here now with this staff almost two full seasons, so we have an idea as to what the staple pass game route concepts are. The first one is the three-level stretch, and it’s a play that Foles has been executing his entire career.

Jeffery and Foles should benefit from the bye and the extra week of practice. They said it went well, and the additional work can make a difference.

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The Eagles entered the playoffs as the NFC’s No. 1 seed, thanks mainly to the MVP-caliber work Wentz did before his injury, but as recently as 10 days ago, their fans were chewing their fingernails down to the nubs at the thought of Foles having to make one of those third-down pickups in a big spot in the playoffs.

It can’t be an easy transition going from central command to the sideline, especially for an alpha male such as Wentz. Meanwhile, Foles is tasked with moving from backup to leader late in the season for a Super Bowl hopeful team, trying to take a firm grip on reins that he knows ultimately don’t belong to him.

“Any time you go into the game, you’re working on chemistry, and Alshon is a dynamic receiver that can make a lot of plays so I definitely need to target him more,” said Foles, adding that he has a number of playmakers at his disposal. “Spreading the ball around is important, but also making sure I give Alshon opportunities to make plays because he has the ability when he’s covered, or double-covered, to make plays.”

That connection could use some fine-tuning, though, as could the offense as a whole. The coaching staff has Foles and the first team prepping as if this was a normal week, looking to get some good production out of the unit Sunday in what will be the last dress rehearsal before the elimination games begin.

No one was feeling it more than safety Malcolm Jenkins.

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Philadelphia Eagles safety Malcolm Jenkins called it an “opportunity for us, being a sport that brings people together naturally to also use that ability to actually effectuate some real change.”

This team knows that it’s a marathon, not a sprint, and when you have veteran leadership in place, especially players who have won Super Bowls in safety Malcolm Jenkins and running back LeGarrette Blount, along with young players who seem to “get it,” that’s a recipe for long-term success.

I thought he had one of his best performances as an Eagle last week against the Chargers, nfl Eagles jerseys and he followed that up with a great outing on Sunday that included four touchdown throws, making him the youngest quarterback since Donovan McNabb to throw for four scores in a game. Let’s take a look at those plays and see how they happened.

At the other end of the spectrum, safety Malcolm Jenkins has played Newton six times over his career. He’s been able to pick off Newton twice. When asked whether he changes his strategy in tackling Newton, Jenkins didn’t back down. It’s what he’s “paid to do.”

“That came from those conversations,” Jenkins said. “That’s ongoing. We’re still working on the next steps. But obviously, there is at least interest to listen and see what players are doing and what’s going on in these communities around the NFL.”

The other key is for the safeties to make sure they keep everything in front of them. Rodney McLeod is usually the deep safety, but Malcolm Jenkins and Corey Graham must also help out. They cannot give up long touchdowns to the Cardinals. Even if you get burned for a big play, don’t let them go all the way. Make them earn those six points.

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They were riding high in the visitors locker room of Bank of America Stadium as Thursday night turned to early Friday morning. No one was feeling it more than safety Malcolm Jenkins.

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Nike Eagles #27 Malcolm Jenkins Olive Men’s Stitched NFL Limited 2017 Salute To Service Jersey

Jenkins also notched a fumble recovery and two interceptions on the year, one of which was a 99-yard pick-six off Tom Brady in the Eagles’ Week 13 win over New England. The score tied for the third-longest defensive touchdown in team history and allowed Jenkins to become the first safety in franchise history with a pick-six in consecutive seasons.

“Last season, I raised my fist as a sign of solidarity to support people, especially people of color, who were and are still unjustly losing their lives at the hands of officers with little to no consequence. After spending time with police officers on ride-alongs, meeting with politicians on the state and federal level and grass roots organizations fighting for human rights, it’s clear that our criminal justice system is still crippling communities of color through mass incarceration,” Jenkins said in a statement.

The Eagles started with the ball in the final period and Wentz earned his fourth touchdown of the evening when he found Agholor down the seam. Agholor bobbled the ball mid-air but managed to hold on for a career-high fifth touchdown of the year.

Eagles safety Malcolm Jenkins, who raised a fist above his head during the national anthem in 2016, plans to continue the demonstration this season in support of criminal justice reform.

Lurie saw the invitation as an opportunity to learn firsthand about how his players are getting involved with social injustice reform work in the community. It was important to Lurie to spend time gaining perspective and insight on the issues that members of the Players Coalition are trying to draw attention to with protests during the national anthem at NFL games.

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The NFL stands to benefit from partnering up with the player movement, Smith explained. A lot of backlash the league faces is a result of people misunderstanding why some players are demonstrating during the singing of the national anthem prior to kickoff. Helping to educate the masses could lead to greater acceptance, Smith said.

“When a quarterback can run the ball that makes you account for all 11 defenders. So that brings your deep safeties involved as well,” Jenkins said. “They do so many different things that you have to be disciplined in where you put your eyes, where you put your gaps, and always knowing who’s responsible for the quarterback.”

Kaepernick sat and later kneeled during the playing of the national anthem before games last season to protest social injustice. He drew support from players around the league, including Jenkins, who raised a fist above his head during “The Star-Spangled Banner” for all but one game last season. Kaepernick has also drawn a great deal of criticism for his actions.

Long approached Jenkins before the game to tell him about his desire to show support during the anthem. After getting an understanding for the message Long wished to convey, Jenkins agreed.

The Eagles started the 2017 NFL Draft with eight picks and made that exact amount

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The Eagles doubled up on cornerbacks on Day Two of the 2017 NFL Draft as they followed up their second-round pick of Sidney Jones by selecting West Virginia’s Rasul Douglas with the 99th-overall pick.

After adding Derek Barnett to the front seven on Thursday, the Eagles added their second straight defensive piece on Friday by selecting Washington cornerback Sidney Jones with the 43rd-overall pick.

Jones was considered by many as the top cornerback in this year’s ultra-talented draft class at that position, until he suffered an Achilles injury during his pro day at the University of Washington. Listed at 6-0, 186 pounds, Jones has ideal size for a corner. At the NFL Combine, Jones ran a 4.47 40-yard dash. In three seasons with the Huskies, Jones totaled nine interceptions, running one back for a touchdown in 2015. He earned first-team All-Pac-12 honors in both 2015 and 2016.

The way Anthony Patch vividly remembers it, Sidney Jones was on the last drill of a March 11 Pro Day workout at the University of Washington that was, Patch says now, “such a good workout” and everything changed in an instant. Jones crumbled to the ground turning up the field coming out of a backpedal and everyone knew it was awful: a torn Achilles tendon and a football career suddenly turned upside down.

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In the end, the Eagles started the 2017 NFL Draft with eight picks and made that exact amount, using three of the selections for the offense and five for the defense. One of the players, cornerback Sidney Jones, may not play a snap in his rookie season. Others, including defensive end Derek Barnett and cornerback Rasul Douglas, have chances to make an instant impact.

A tall, physical corner at 6-2, 209 pounds, Douglas became a full-time starter for the Mountaineers in 2016, a season in which he recorded an incredible eight interceptions, tied for the most of any FBS player in the nation. At the NFL Combine, Douglas ran a 4.59 40-yard dash and displayed a 120-inch broad jump.

Douglas’ physical, confident style of play fits perfectly into what defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz is looking for at the position. The Eagles surely hope that Douglas and Jones can develop together into a dynamic duo in the secondary for years to come.

The Eagles drafted Sidney Jones and Rasul Douglas in the second and third rounds, respectively. Jones has to get healthy before he can play, but he has the potential to be a dynamic cover guy. Douglas will have a shot to play right away. He’ll have to earn it, but the depth chart will be pretty open at cornerback. Those jobs won’t be given out based on last year. They will be earned this spring and summer.

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The Eagles doubled up on cornerbacks on Day Two of the 2017 NFL Draft philadelphia eagles jersey cheap  as they followed up their second-round pick of Sidney Jones by selecting West Virginia’s Rasul Douglas with the 99th-overall pick.

A tall, physical corner at 6-2, 209 pounds, Douglas became a full-time starter for the Mountaineers in 2016, a season in which he recorded an incredible eight interceptions, tied for the most of any FBS player in the nation. At the NFL Combine, Douglas ran a 4.59 40-yard dash and displayed a 120-inch broad jump. NFL Men's Nike Philadelphia Eagles #20 Brian Dawkins Stitched Green Olive Salute To Service KO Performance Hoodie

Douglas’ physical, confident style of play fits perfectly into what defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz is looking for at the position. The Eagles surely hope that Douglas and Jones can develop together into a dynamic duo in the secondary for years to come.

Many coaches and players will tell you that you can’t teach ‘ballskills’; Rasul Douglas has ballskills. This is textbook.

After addressing the defense with their first three picks of 2017, the Eagles added an offensive player with their first pick of Round Four by selecting North Carolina wide receiver Mack Hollins with 118th-overall pick.

Davis has tremendous potential. He is big (6-3, 209 pounds), athletic, and skilled. He was incredibly productive at Western Michigan. He caught 331 passes, with 52 of them going for touchdowns. Davis averaged 16 yards a catch for his career, so he wasn’t just a workhorse receiver. He was a playmaker. Davis was fast enough to be a downfield threat. I think he was at his best after the catch. You could see not only his talent, but his toughness and competitive streak as well. Davis fought for every yard he could. He was a threat to break a big play every time he got his hands on the ball.

Jason Peters is the preferred left foot of the NFL

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Two more Eagles will be joining Jason Peters and Fletcher Cox at the Pro Bowl in Orlando this weekend, as Jason Kelce and Darren Sproles have been added to the NFC roster.

So they entered free agency in the spring of 2009 intent on doing just that, even if the moves came at a considerable cost. They acted first in free agency, signing Stacy Andrews – the brother of right guard Shawn – from the Cincinnati Bengals. And then in April, just five days prior to that year’s draft, the Eagles struck a deal with Buffalo to acquire disgruntled left tackle Jason Peters, a converted tight end who had been to two Pro Bowls with the Bills and who wanted to be paid as one of the best at his position in the NFL.

It’s fair to say that Jason Peters, one of the premier left tackles in the entire NFL, is right at the top of the list among the MIE for 2016.

Both Kelce and Sproles are replacing Atlanta Falcons players. With the Falcons headed to Houston for Super Bowl LI, center Alex Mack and running back Devonta Freeman will not be attending the Pro Bowl. For Kelce, the Pro Bowl nod is his second as a pro, with his first appearance coming after his 2014 season. Kelce started all 16 games for the Eagles for the second-consecutive season.

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He was a first alternate this year and really should have been chosen. One of the things that hurt him is he wasn’t expected to play at such a high level. Pro Bowl players usually have gaudy stats, come from winning teams, or are veterans who have been selected before and have a strong reputation. Graham fell through the cracks in those areas, but his 2016 season really put him on the map. If he can repeat this performance next season, he will make the Pro Bowl.

Additionally, restricted free agent guard Matt Tobin signed his one-year tender Monday morning. In three seasons, Tobin appeared in 30 games for the Eagles, starting 20 of them. He saw extended action as a starter in 2015 after injuries along the offensive line.

The 5-11, 199-pound Gratz was drafted in 2013 out of UConn. He played in 10 games (8 starts) as a rookie and tied for the team lead with two interceptions. He became a full-time starter in 2014 and started 13 out of the 15 games that he played in. Gratz posted a career-high 55 tackles that season. He was released by the Jaguars this past October and claimed by the Rams, with whom he played three games with.

On Friday morning, the Eagles officially tendered a one-year contract to guard Matt Tobin, who is scheduled to be a restricted free agent.

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The Eagles will have the right to match any outside contract offer that Tobin receives and, depending on the level of the tender, could receive draft-pick compensation if Tobin leaves for another team.Nike Eagles #91 Fletcher Cox Black Youth Stitched NFL Limited Rush Jersey

Lovato was a rookie in 2015 who landed with the Packers in a similar situation like he is in now in Philadelphia. A Middletown, New Jersey native, Lovato was signed late last year after an injury to the Philadelphia Eagles jersey china  primary long snapper Brett Goode. He was briefly with Washington earlier this season when long snapper Nick Sundberg was injured.

The Eagles signed two more players to reserve/future contracts on Wednesday – guard Josh LeRibeus and wide receiver Dom Williams.

The 6-2, 310-pound LeRibeus has 12 games of NFL starting experience under his belt. The former third-round pick of the Washington Redskins out of SMU in 2012 played five games at guard in his rookie season including the regular season finale when Alfred Morris rushed for a career-high 200 yards.

In 2015, LeRibeus was moved to center and started 11 games when Kory Lichtensteiger was sidelined with a neck injury. He was in the starting lineup for the team’s four-game win streak at the end of the season when Washington captured the NFC East crown.

Ryan Mathews has been a full partRyan Mathewsicipant this week in practice

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After scratching and clawing to take the lead over Detroit at 23-21, the Eagles’ offense was on the field with a chance to secure a fourth-straight win to start the season. With 2:41 left in the game and a third-and-2 situation, head coach Doug Pederson called a sweep play to the right side. Fighting for the first down, Ryan Mathewsfumbled the ball. Detroit recovered and eventually kicked the game-winning field goal.

During Friday morning’s press conference, head coach Doug Pederson gave injury updates on running back Ryan Mathews (knee), wide receiver Jordan Matthews (ankle), wide receiver Dorial Green-Beckham(abdomen) and tackle Halapoulivaati Vaitai (knee) ahead of this weekend’s game against Washington.

“DGB is going to be listed going into this game as questionable,” Pederson said. “Obviously, Big V will be out this game. Ryan Mathews has been a full partRyan Mathewsicipant this week in practice. Today we’re just going to back him down just a touch so we can keep him ready to go for Sunday, so he’ll be listed as questionable. And then Jordan Matthews (will be listed as) questionable with his injury as well with that ankle. But everybody else is ready to go.”

Earlier this week, Mathews and Matthews returned to practice after both missed last weekend’s game against the Bengals. While those two offensive pieces look to return, Green-Beckham and Vaitai were held from practice due to their injuries on Wednesday and Thursday. Vaitai injured his knee during the Seattle game and has not played since, while Green-Beckham was hurt in last Sunday’s matchup.

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On the debut of NFL Fantasy LIVE’s Top 50 Players of 2016, running back Ryan Mathews was named as the No. 41-ranked player on Monday night.

Signed by the Eagles in 2015, Mathews had 539 yards rushing, 20 receptions for an additional 146 yards receiving and seven total touchdowns despite playing only 21 percent of the team’s offensive snaps. Mathews was by Philadelphia Eagles jersey china far the team’s most efficient rusher with a 5.1 yards per carry average, good for fourth best in the entire NFL.Nike Eagles #10 DeSean Jackson White Stitched NFL Jersey

On Saturday morning, head coach Doug Pederson gave updates on the injury front, officially ruling out running back Ryan Mathews (knee) and tackle Halapoulivaati Vaitai (knee) for Monday’s game against Green Bay.

“Big V obviously with the MCL sprain, he’s not ready to go so rule him out,” Pederson said. “And Ryan Mathews with his MCL, his right knee MCL sprain, hasn’t practiced all week and still not there. So, I’m going to go ahead and we’re going to rule him out for this game as well.”

Prior to the Eagles’ Friday practice, head coach Doug Pederson gave injury updates regarding wide receiver Bryce Treggs and defensive end Vinny Curry.

Treggs (knee), who did not practice on Thursday, will be out for Sunday’s game. Curry (knee) is still day-to-day but Pederson believes the defensive end will play against Cleveland.

The Eagles’ offense didn’t make many splashy plays during Thursday night’s 17-0 win over Pittsburgh, but perhaps the biggest highlight came from undrafted rookie Paul Turner, who hauled in a 23-yard, one-handed catch, drawing oohs and aahs from the Heinz Field crowd.

Marshall said: for me, this is a long road.

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With their first pick on the third day of the 2016 NFL Draft, the Eagles added to their depth in the backfield by adding running back Wendell Smallwood out of West Virginia with the 153rd-overall pick.

At 5-10, 208 pounds, Smallwood was among the top performers at the NFL Scouting Combine in the three-cone and 60-yard shuttle drills. With the Mountaineers, Smallwood was the Big 12’s leading rushing in 2015, racking up 1,519 rushing yards and nine touchdowns in 13 games.

The Eagles have remained very high on rookie running back Wendell Smallwood despite the fact that he has not played in the first two preseason games due to a quad injury.

Smallwood said on Saturday that he “was trying to force myself to have a good week” so that he could suit up last Thursday against the Steelers. Smallwood was limited in practice leading up to the game, and still couldn’t hit top speed so he was given more time to rest.

A few days shy of his 10th birthday, Wendell Smallwood had his eyes glued to the television on a chilly January night as his Eagles took on the Green Bay Packers in the Divisional Round of the 2003 playoffs. His face was covered in a strange brand of paint, one he now knows wasn’t intended to be used on his skin, and his mother, Nichelle, couldn’t help but voice her displeasure with that decision.

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Davis has tremendous potential. He is big (6-3, 209 pounds), athletic, and skilled. He was incredibly productive at Western Michigan. He caught 331 passes, with 52 of them going for touchdowns. Davis averaged 16 yards a catch for his career, so he wasn’t just a workhorse receiver. He was a playmaker. Davis was fast enough to be a downfield threat. I think he was at his best after the catch. You could see not only his talent, but his toughness and competitive streak as well. Davis fought for every yard he could. He was a threat to break a big play every time he got his hands on the ball.Nike Eagles Blank Black Alternate Youth Stitched NFL Limited Jersey

In terms of former Eagles, you could compare him to Irving Fryar. In three seasons with the Eagles, Fryar caught 222 passes and 19 touchdowns. You could compare Davis to Texans star DeAndre Hopkins.

Marcus Johnson signed with the Eagles in the 2016 offseason as a rookie free agent after a four-year career at Texas. During his collegiate career, Johnson played in 42 games (18 starts) and totaled 61 catches for 793 yards (13.0 avg.) and four scores.

Rookie free agent running back Byron Marshall arrived to the Eagles as an undrafted free agent. After failing to make the 53-man roster out of Training Camp (thanks mainly to the depth on the Eagles roster at the position), Marshall was added to the practice squad. Since then, he’s been working hard to get his shot, and all that hard work has helped him rebound from an ankle injury he suffered during his last season at Oregon.

“It’s been – for myself especially – a long road, just with not getting to play last year and being hurt (while at Oregon),” said Marshall.

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On Monday afternoon, the Eagles announced that all 87 eligible players on the current roster reported for the start of this week’s mandatory minicamp. Three rookies – running back Byron Marshall, guard Isaac Seumalo and Philadelphia Eagles jerseys defensive end Aziz Shittu will not participate due to NCAA graduation rules that state a player can not join his NFL team full-time until his school’s academic year has come to a close.

Of course, there are two other players to keep in mind as well in Byron Marshall and Cedric O’Neal. The two rookies find themselves on the lower end of the totem pole, but it’s impossible to predict what the future could hold for them if they come out firing in Training Camp and the preseason.

Pederson said that what teams looks for in running backs have changed over the years. The Eagles would relish a running back who can run between the tackles, get to the outside, stay on the field for all three downs, pass protect, run routes, and catch the ball.

Another off-field concern that teams must weigh in the draft process in injury history. Wide receiver John Ross broke the Combine record for the fastest time in the 40-yard dash. He has, however, suffered a torn ACL, torn meniscus, and recently underwent surgery for a torn labrum. At least as far as the Eagles are concerned, Ross’ medical report won’t take him off the draft board.

The other big newsworthy note for the Eagles is that wide receiver Nelson Agholor is inactive

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In nine seasons with the Eagles, Quick totaled 6,464 receiving yards, scored 62 touchdowns and earned a spot on the NFC Pro Bowl roster five years in a row from 1983-87. A first-round pick out of N.C. State in 1982, Quick is one of the best receivers to ever don an Eagles uniform.

Now calling every Eagles game from the radio booth alongside Merrill Reese, Quick has had an up-close and personal view of Nelson Agholor, who was selected with the 20th overall pick by the Eagles in 2015, 33 years after Quick was selected with that very same 20th overall choice.

Agholor has had his struggles with consistency as an Eagle, but he’s shown flashes of explosiveness that made the Eagles so high on him. Agholor has totaled 59 receptions for 648 yards and three touchdowns in his first two NFL seasons. His numbers increased across the board from Year One to Year Two, but his production still hasn’t quite matched up to his skill level.

The other big newsworthy note for the Eagles is that wide receiver Nelson Agholor is inactive. Coach Pederson said he would make his decision after the week of work, and now Agholor is offifically inactive, meaning the Eagles will stick with four wide receivers, including rookie Paul Turner, who is making his NFL debut.

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Last year at this time, it would only be a matter of days until Nelson Agholor heard his named called in the 2015 NFL Draft. The wide receiver was not in Chicago when the Eagles selected him with the No. 20 pick, instead electing to be at home with his family in Tampa. It’s a decision he is still glad he made.

With a year of experience now under his belt, which included its fair share of challenges along the way, Agholor reflected on the draft process and on his rookie season.Philadelphia Eagles jersey china

On Monday afternoon, Eagles tight end Trey Burton officially signed his one-year tender offer.

The Eagles initially extended Burton a second-round tender on March 7. What this means is that another NFL team can still offer Burton a new contract, but the Eagles would have a chance to match the contract and keep Burton on the roster. If the Eagles elected not to match, the team signing Burton would have to give the Eagles a second-round pick.

Burton, originally an undrafted free agent out of Florida in 2014, made a name for himself in his first two seasons as a special teams player. In 2016, though, Burton had a larger role on offense, catching 37 passes for 327 yards and one touchdown. He’s provided excellent depth for the Eagles at tight end, but also has provided versatility, lining up as a tight end, running back and even filling in at long snapper.

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In his first two seasons, Burton’s production on the special team units hasn’t gone unnoticed. His rookie year, he recorded a blocked punt and a blocked punt touchdown return and in 2015, he finished the season with a team-high 19 special team tackles, tied for the highest regular season total by an Eagle since 2009. During the early part of Training Camp this year, however, the Eagles’ coaching staff made it clear that they’ll be attempting to utilize Burton not only on special teams, but he should expect an increased role at tight end.Eagles #22 Asante Samuel Light Green 1960 Throwback Stitched NFL Jersey

According to Walker, he and the medical staff are still working out the details of surgery, but in the meantime, the old cliché of ‘next man up’ is in effect for the Eagles. That next man is Don Cherry, an undrafted rookie out of Villanova. After a brief stint with the Chicago Bears following April’s draft, Cherry earned a workout with the Eagles and ended up signing with the team on July 24th, just one day before the first rookie practice of Training Camp.

Now in his 10th professional season (all with the same team, a list that includes only 10 active NFL skill-position players with at least 150 games of regular season experience) Celek’s been there for the peaks, catching 19 passes for 151 yards and three touchdowns during a playoff run to the 2008 NFC Championship Game against Arizona. He’s been there for the valleys – seeing the Eagles go 4-12 in 2012, the team’s worst record since the 1998 campaign.

Groh doesn’t just have success with receivers at the NFL level

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The Eagles have not had a 1,000-yard receiver since Jeremy Maclin gained 1,318 yards in 2014. Groh coached three 1,000-yard seasons in Chicago – two by Alshon Jeffery (1,421 in 2013 and 1,133 in ’14) and one by Brandon Marshall (1,295 in 2013). Both Marshall and Jeffery earned Pro Bowl honors in 2013.

Groh doesn’t just have success with receivers at the NFL level. He was Alabama’s wide receivers coach and recruiting coordinator from 2011-12. The Crimson Tide won the National Championship both seasons. As a true freshman in 2012, future No. 4 overall pick Amari Cooper had 59 catches for 1,000 yards and 11 touchdowns, including the go-ahead score to beat Georgia in the SEC Championship.NFL Philadelphia Eagles Stitched Snapback Hats 013

The Chicago Bears may have only put up 14 points last Sunday against the Houston Texans, but this is an offense that can present a lot of issues from a matchup standpoint. It all starts on the outside with former second-round pick Alshon Jeffery. At 6-3, Jeffery’s ability to go up and win in contested situations makes him as tough a cover as anyone in the NFL. He isn’t the fleetest of foot, but his ability to separate at the catch point allows him to come down with grabs that most in the league can’t make.

Similar to the Eagles and Dorial Green-Beckham, the Bears like Jeffery to use his size to his advantage down the field on vertical routes. He does a really nice job attacking the football down the field (two of his four catches last week came on deep throws), and some of his best plays every year he’s been in the league have come off of shot plays or fade balls on the perimeter.

One of the newest pieces of information to come from Pederson’s media availability regards the Eagles’ 2017 schedule. The time and dates for the 2017 NFL season will be released sometime next month (potentially the week of April 17, according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter), but before the schedule is officially made, the team did put in one request with the league.

The Eagles are scheduled to play both the Los Angeles Rams and Los Angeles Chargers on the road, and instead of having to travel twice from coast to coast to the same location, the Eagles have requested to have those two games played back to back so the team can stay out west for the week.

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Wentz had some great moments in 2016. He showed a strong, accurate arm. He made some terrific throws. His deep ball to Jordan Matthews in the first Redskins game was right on the money and led to a huge gain. Wentz showed the ability to create big plays. Remember the 73-yard touchdown pass to Darren Sproles in the win over Pittsburgh? That was a great play. Late in the season Wentz made several Houdini-like plays where he avoided rushers in the backfield and then either scrambled for a gain or threw a pass. There was also Wentz running for the touchdown late in the Ravens game. That was a clutch play that gave the Eagles the chance to win.

One thing that will help Wentz is having a better supporting cast. You can conservatively estimate that he would have had another five touchdown passes if receivers just held onto the ball on some plays. If the cheap Eagles jerseys can find guys who can make the easy catches and then also make a tough play or two, Wentz’s numbers will get a lot better and the Eagles will win more games. Both have to happen for him to make the Pro Bowl.

Darren Sproles has certainly made a name for himself in the NFL, but it wasn’t an easy road on the way to receiving Pro Bowl and All-Pro honors. Prior to being drafted by San Diego in 2005, he heard constant criticism about his size. Standing at only 5-6, Sproles has proved his doubters wrong time and time again.

Over the past two seasons, Sproles is the NFL’s leading punt returner, picking up 952 yards and four touchdowns, and was named to the Pro Bowl for the second consecutive season. Recently, we spoke to Sproles about his NFL journey, including the ups, downs and lessons learned throughout his 11-season playing career. Find out what the journey was like through the eyes of the veteran.